Alejandra Enciso is a Guadalupe native. She attended Allan Hancock College and then graduated from Cal State Northridge, with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. She is first generation born to Mexican immigrant parents. For 20 years Alejandra worked with families and youth throughout Los Angeles and Santa Barbara County. She came to Community Partners in Caring after 14 years in the non-profit sector and 6 years of running her own program at Communify. Alejandra serves on the Board of Danza Coaxochilt, and was elected to the Board of Trustee of Allan Hancock College. She will be serving her second term. Lastly, Alejandra is also part of The Mexican Ladies Social Club that supports fundraising efforts for the Boys and Girls clubs of Santa Maria Valley, which includes Guadalupe.

When asked what drew her to Community Partners in Caring:

“During my professional career, I have worked with children ages 3-5, youth 10-21 years olds, parents, caregivers, and foster parents. It is important to continue a life of service and what better way than to work with elders, people with mild disabilities, and individuals with chronic illness.”


Alejandra, loves dancing to latin music which includes salsa, merengue, bachata, and cumbia, and mexican regional dance. She has been an Aztec Dancer and firekeeper for over 26 years. She loves to travel, and is a photographer.