Few of us, before this unique year, faced undefined days, questioning when we could next see a doctor in person, or were concerned over receiving needed medication via mail – for the majority of us, it just all worked fine. Our biggest takeaway from the lessons of this pandemic; successful living takes a community.

As COVID-19 concern grew in Santa Barbara County, a deeper understanding also grew: we are all vulnerable, often in unseen ways. We’ve all had a taste of suffering from social isolation. The outdoorsy and active struggle against this new normal. Both small and large businesses and nonprofits are managing the prolonged transition to socially distanced and virtual workplaces. Community Partners in Caring is one of these still hard at work.

These new ways to be, seem to make impossible the noble act of assisting an aging family member. Having support systems in place is best. Realize, there are older seniors in our community aging in place with little to no support, and the growing need is troubling. We are looking for the dedicated, active, and civic-minded to help those most vulnerable access basic needs, as well as help to maintain social connections. As we close in on another Patriot Day this September, let’s give attention to the importance of supporting our older seniors. It’s clear that, again, we need to come together. Historically, we’ve always done that. When our community faces a crisis, we don’t run. We pull together. We find solutions and we make a difference.

Most of our established volunteers are in their mid to upper 60’s. Our volunteer base shrank by 80% when the Governor gave his order to shelter in place based on health guidelines. Our agency, Community Partners in Caring, on the corner of Ocean and H in Lompoc, and in Santa Maria has not closed. We are operating virtually. We’ve partnered and are expanding for impactful solutions, but we need to grow the volunteer base in South Santa Barbara County areas. Be part of the reconnection. So, let’s GO Goleta, and Stand Strong Santa Barbara, are you in?

You can download, complete, and e-mail the application from our website. Go to  You can also email [email protected] or [email protected]. As an agency that serves older seniors, the application process includes a background check. Those that clear the background check will be scheduled to pick-up/drop-off groceries as food orders come in. If you can’t volunteer, please make a donation to keep this operation going. Call 805-925-8000 for more information. We thank you for your continued support and wish you peace, kindness, and good health.