Think about the next day — it doesn’t need to be perfect

What a paradise we share, living in Santa Barbara County! Yes, even with what 2020 has brought to our doorsteps, I hope some reading this have been able to keep a pocketful of optimism. For now, let’s prepare to “turn the corner.” Just as many unhealthful, tense or uncertain days have come to us, the days of beauty are still here, and will continue.

Our non-profit agency, Community Partners in Caring, has maintained contact and offered assistance, where we can, to older seniors. Of course, we have noticed the lasting effects of this pandemic.

Few are feeling the usual excitement of a new season, as so much of our daily experiences repeat in same locations and similar interactions with little intensity nor variation. Please take a break as you work, volunteer, or simply move through your day. Move. Make up an affirmation to shut down negativity.

A positive affirmation that may help* if you are facing a single concern, or a period of full-on depression: “I have the strength and resources to get through this.” Say it. Believe it. And if you still feel unsure or doubtful, ask for some help. So many people really do care.

In maybe another month, our collective efforts to act responsibly, with everyone’s health in mind, will bring the level of concern down, and we will again have choice in resuming more activities.

If you look under About/Team tab on our site, you will see our staff. Know that Kaley, our Project Coordinator, and both of our Community Engagement Specialists, Letty, for North County, and Jill for South County are working up a lot of content to super-charge that drive for volunteers County. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to connect with us, as we value the varied life experience of each individual.

You are our strength and our resources too.

*With gratitude for inspiration from